Volunteer Opportunity

Connect to people and creative ideas onsite

We are a diverse, energetic, funny team of people who commit to setting a stage for various creative audio-visual projects and industry professionals to communicate, connect, and thrive. In the path of our journey this year, we are looking for volunteers as passionate as us to make our annual event, the 17th edition of m:brane Forum, the best ever!  

The Forum will be held in our beautiful Malmö City Hall during March 14-16. You will have the unique opportunity to discover behind the scenes of creative industries and make connections with industry professionals. 

If you are interested in jumping into the same boat with us, don’t hesitate to take a look at the following information about different volunteer roles at m:brane Forum 2023, and find out what you would like to go for! You can take on various types of tasks upon your availability and wishes, but please note that you have to be above 18 years old to join us.

Volunteer Roles

  • Guest Host

Are you interested in communicating with different people? Would you like to guide our guests to find their own ways and make them feel welcome at all times? If so, you will enjoy treating our fantastic guests at the Guest Desk together with our Guest Coordinator! 

Good command of English and communication skills is a must since you will be in dealings with many international guests. You will be trained and get any information you need before your shift, so you will have answers for every possible question regarding m:brane and m:brane Forum. 

  • Venue Host

During those intense three days there will be multiple events and happy hours for our participants. We are therefore looking for people who have positive attitudes and charming demeanor to bring good service to them. 

Supported by our Venue Coordinator, you will be ensuring everything runs smoothly and assisting our guests in the course of events. 

  • One-to-one Meeting Assistant

The pitching days on March 15-16 are set aside for one-to-one meetings between DecisionMakers, Pitch Teams, REALYOUNG Development Teams and ObserverPlus. Would you like to be immersed in an environment where there is a constant exchange of sparkling ideas? Do you want to help create a good discussion experience for our industry professionals? 

We need you to be organizational, helpful and your assistance to ensure every meeting appointed by our MatchMaker goes as scheduled.    

  • Production Assistant

We need some responsive and reliable people to set up the event center beforehand, make sure it runs smoothly, and take it down afterwards. 

If you are interested in event or venue production and want to know how to bring an event to life, this is the shift for you! Here is an opportunity to work with our Production team at the venue without missing any splendid moment!

We offer our Volunteers

We expect you can take on at least 2 shifts (a shift would be around 4-5 hours). In return, you will have a three-day pass that gives you access to workshops, seminars and talks, the Opening Industry Day, networking lunches, pitch events, mingle, and other interesting events. You will also get free food and drink onsite, our forum merchandise and last but not least being part of a great crowd.

Quick sign up

Come join us to be an essential part of the success of m:brane Forum! You can sign up here to become a volunteer this year, in just a few minutes! 

We are looking forward to hearing from you! If you have have any questions or concerns, you are very welcome to contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Wei Xu, at wei@mbrane.se