YOUTH EXPERTS are part of the m:brane brand

We believe it’s absolutely crucial to experiment, to include the target group and focus on process in order to lift the field of Youths content creation as a whole. That’s the larger perspective, which we are putting on top of the agenda.

It started with REALYOUNG in 2015, the m:brane initiative for producers to develop documentaries for and with young audiences. We have developed REALYOUNG to meet the needs of younger audiences today. We want to offer them access to edgy, daring, stimulating and thought-provoking reflections on real life.

Before each workshop we dress the Youth Experts exactly as the Professional Experts to become familiar with each project and it’ s creators and background and context.  

During the pre-pitch workshop project holders get direct feedback from the Youth Experts after the presentations, providing them with insightful and captivating opinions.

At this stage we have also developed workshops, that focus more on process than on project. And since we analyzed where the industry’s Gatekeepers are, we ended up inviting Decision Makers to the workshops as well. In fact, they were very excited about this development.