Opening Industry Day

m:brane’s Opening Industry Day is our annual flagship, the conference day that opens up the Forum is where we show our intentions. With our Opening Industry Day we aim to support and improve the development, production, financing, distribution and access of media content for the youth, by recognizing the specifics of the Young Audiences and increase their viewing of innovative, high quality and multifaceted youth content across Europe and the world.

During our Opening Industry Day we present inspirational Case Studies, buoyant panels, presentations of cutting edge projects, Masterclasses and workshops for the participants. In order for m:brane’s participants to get access to impact for idea’s, when it comes to developing storytelling and distribution of high-profile content to our smart and savvy young audience.

Each year professional participants from the audiovisual industries are challenged through the Opening Industry Day conference. The m:brane team meticulously designs a program, that continuously let the industry become inspired and updated in their knowledge and understanding regarding preferences, trends and needs of the younger generation. We at the same time both lead, transfer and report with the aim of strengthening industry players, so that they become able to integrate this information into the creative development phase of their projects.

Opening Industry Day Conference 2022: Launching m:brane Learning

Last year our first ever Science and learning track at m:brane was born out of need. We are surrounded by gaps: gaps in information, canyons in culture, blurred space in between what is and what is not.

This exciting new strand brings together a specifically chosen collection of stories and thinkers who represent new dimensions in contemplation about our place in the world and how we can collectively address the challenges facing us. We ask ourselves what it means to be re-wired in a positive way, to re-tool towards humanist values.

m:brane wants to contribute to a common understanding that a strong media culture means a strong youth base. Our goal is to become one of the weighty thought leaders in a media landscape that encourages original thinking and critical awareness of media with Young Humans as our focal point.

We launch a program for the Opening Industry Day 2022, that comprises a package of inspirational speakers, a panel and open the door to a new concept: Open resource work-shops with Youth Experts, where three projects in development are participating together with a panel of Youth Experts.

This strand design originates from the vision of Senior Creative Advisor Annette Brejner. The program of the Opening Industry Day is compiled by content with various focus spots, among others: Our brand new concept: The open resource work-shop with Youth Experts, inspiring speakers from the world of science dissemination to Young Audiences, panel on Green Productions set in collaboration with KIDS Regio, we launch new partnerships and naturally our Focus Country of 2022 will also mean guest speakers from France.

During our Pitching Section an entire slot will be devoted to officially selected Science projects that will receive feedback from invited Science- & Storytelling experts.

Much to look forward to, so stay tuned on this site, where we the coming weeks will lift the veil for all the details.

Read more about the background for this initiative:

What: m:brane’s ambition is to create a strong link between smart content creatives and the needs spun out of the science community’s so called third task – The third task is the task of colleges and universities to share knowledge, in addition to the first two main tasks, education and research.

Why: The Science Community is obliged to share their research, knowledge and findings. However often this has to be done with very limited access to funding, knowhow, network and audience/segment insight. Which creates a risk that the information does not reach the public. And as we focus on Young Audiences, those who will inherit and take over the Society we have created, the loss of knowledge transfer can in the worst case scenario, become damaged.

How: Storytelling in Science Communication often turns out to be the crucial difference, whether or not the topic and research will inspire the public, promote understanding of science, and engage the public more deliberately in science.

Storytellers can help scientists find an approachable way to communicate their research to a wider target audience and through storytelling reach a larger number of people.

When scientists and visual content makers collaborate, content with a high quality can be created. This can benefit not only the involved partner as such, but also the European democratic Societies we live in, as it will evoke critical thinking, reflective mind sets and cognitive stimulation.