Opening Industry Day

m:brane’s Opening Industry Day is our annual flagship, the conference day that opens up the Forum is where we show our intentions. With our Opening Industry Day we aim to support and improve the development, production, financing, distribution and access of media content for the youth, by recognizing the specifics of the Young Audiences and increase their viewing of innovative, high quality and multifaceted youth content across Europe and the world.

During our Opening Industry Day we present inspirational Case Studies, buoyant panels, presentations of cutting edge projects, Masterclasses and workshops for the participants. In order for m:brane’s participants to get access to impact for idea’s, when it comes to developing storytelling and distribution of high-profile content to our smart and savvy young audience.

Each year professional participants from the audiovisual industries are challenged through the Opening Industry Day conference. The m:brane team meticulously designs a program, that continuously let the industry become inspired and updated in their knowledge and understanding regarding preferences, trends and needs of the younger generation. We at the same time both lead, transfer and report with the aim of strengthening industry players, so that they become able to integrate this information into the creative development phase of their projects.