Opening Industry Day

A talk about Contemporary Nordic storytelling

How are the ideas that form the basis of a story shaped? Most of the time we look at the ideas behind a story in later phases, as more or less developed projects. 

In collaboration with The Cross Media School of Children’s Fiction m:brane shines light on the first steps of a project: the story, or the manuscript

Children’s entertainment is widely dominated by international brands like Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and PJ Masks. But some Nordic productions still manage to create successful stories with a local frame of reference. What is the secret behind this Nordic storytelling for kids? And how can you educate the writers of tomorrow in this perspective?

With a two year long educational program at the Danish Cross Media School of Children’s Fiction faces these questions. Are the classic art school programs still relevant in this context? And which new disciplines should future content developers learn, to meet the current challenges for Nordic storytelling?

Elin Algreen-Petersen

Is head of The Cross Media School of Children’s Fiction in Copenhagen, Denmark. Before that she was busy spotting and developing great stories in the children’s publishing business for 20 years – the last part as editor in chief of Children‘s & YA at Gyldendal.

Dennis Glintborg

Worked at DR with children’s radio, games and digital from 2008-2017. Studied creative writing from 2010-2012. Joined Gyldendal to work with children’s literature from 2017-2020. Now teacher at The Cross Media School in DK.